Offline / Inline

Offline: Metis Lite, Metis Lab, MEtis Scan
INline: Metis Inline

Spectral Offline and Inline Measuring System

Using Integrating Sphere, for coatings on foils/WEB and on large size glasses

To ensure the highest quality of your product it is very important to control the thin film deposition process and measure the optical properties of the thin films, inline during or offline after the coating process.  No matter, if the coating process is a vacuum coating process, like CVD, PECVD, MOCVD, ALD, PVD, or if it is a wet coating process like  spray coating, doctor blade, slit coating,…, the Metis is suited for controlling your coatings. Process parameters such as temperatures, pressures, surface tensions, transportation speed and material properties have strong influence on the optical parameters of the thin films and the product quality. They need to be controlled and optimized.

Coating control on foils/WEB and on large size glasses  

The Metis measurement heads have an awesome tolerance for sample distance variation and sample tilt. Therefore it is the perfect solution for R2R WEB applications, where a fast moving foil might vibrate and where the samples might have waviness. Also it is the perfect solution for coatings on large size glasses, for example architectural glass or ITO-glass, which are transported on vertical or horizontal conveyers with quite high positioning tolerance, either due to the transporation mechanism or simply due to bending. The Metis Reflectance and Transmittance measurement heads are compact measuring heads, including all optics and electronics in the heads. This allows to scan the samples with movable measuring heads, without losing measuring accuracy. An additional spectrometer for simultaneously controlling the light source is integrated.

Measured Parameters  

To increase production yield and production quality, it is essential to gain direct detailed knowledge about: – Spectral Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorbance – Color_R and Color_T – Thickness of thin layers and layer stacks – Spectral optical constants n&k – Optionally an optical modelling tool for designing of own parameter sets for n&k measurement, is available.

Highlights of Metis-System

Using integrating sphere with integrated light source
Spectral range:

  • 380 – 1070nm
  • 360 –  970nm (option)
  • 850 -1700nm (option)


High photometric accuracy
  • Spectral range:Spectra: < 0,4% (400nm – 1000nm)
  • Long-term stability by internal correction channel
  • Precise color measurement 


Awesome tolerance for sample distance variation and sample tilt
  • ±5 mm distance variation
  • ±2° tilt variation


Modular Employable 
  • LITE (Fixed Sample table)
  • LAB (Manual operated Sample table)
  • SCAN (Automatic Mapping table)
  • INLINE (fixed or motorized scanning)


High measuring rate  
  • < 0.1 sec/point  (spectra acquisition)


Wide range thickness measurement 
  • 5nm – 20µm
  • Single layers and layer stacks
  • Measurement of optical constants n&k



Metis System


For inline / offline control of thin film solar cells


For inline / offline monitoring of reflectance and thickness


Fast and precise measuring system for ophthalmic Anti-Reflection and hard coatings