TCM Microscope

TCM µScope: 

Spectrometric Measurement with versatile Microscope Measurement  Head,  Color Measurement – Layer Thickness Measurement

In many applications where spectrometric measurement is needed, the samples are microstructured in the sample plane. For example the measurement within single pixels of Flat Panel Displays (TFT-LCD, Plasma Display, OLED Display) or the measurement on microstructured wafers in the semiconductor industry require very small spot sizes of the measurement spot. In other applications coatings on substrates have to be measured, where the coatings are very inhomogeneous even in lateral distances of a few microns.  In such cases it is necessary to measure with microscope measuring heads in Reflectance and/or Transmittance and to combine such microscope heads with Spectrometer systems and light sources, for allowing microscopic measurements of  spectra, color, layer thicknesses and optical constants n&k.  Measurements with spot sizes of 125µm, 50µm, 25µm, 12.5µm and 5µm can be made with such systems.

Versatile Microscope Measurement System  


  • Measurements on microscopic spot sizes
    • Spectral Reflectance & Transmittance
    • Color-R, Color-T
    • Layer Thickesses of single layers and stacks
  • Integrated CCD-camera
  • Microscope objectives
    • Long distance objectives
    • Chromatically corrected for wide spectral range 380nm – 1070nm
    • Infinity corrected
    • 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x magnifications available
    • Manual or motorized Turret available
    • Measurement spot sizes from 125µm – 5µm
  • High Modularity by fiber optic coupling
    • Spectrometer systems and light source are coupled by fiber optic cables to the microscope Head(s). Fiber optic cables with various lengths and core diameters
  • Optional Transmittance channel
  • Optional manual xyz-stage
    • Different movement range
  • Optional motorized xyz-stage
  • Different xy-movement ranges available, up to 600mm x 600mm
  • Autofocus modul
  • Automatic pattern matching functionality






For inline / offline spectral measuring for coatings on foils / WEB and on large sizes glasses


For inline / offline control of thin film solar cells


For inline / offline monitoring of reflectance and thickness


Fast and precise measuring system for ophthalmic Anti-Reflection and hard coatings