The ETA concept 

We supply the measurement excellence needed for true quality assurance. Fast measurements and stable optical geometries guarantee accurate, comprehensive process feedback. The mainstream ETA spectral measurement products presented here are the ETA-SST and ETA-CSS for laboratory applications, and the ETA-TCM for comprehensive inline quality assurance. Together, or separately, they provide developers and manufacturers with comprehensive measurement tools for a range of applications:

Flat Panel Displays

ETA systems help you control production quality and stability. For color filter production for example, chromaticity and layer thickness are key parameters to monitor. Using ETA-TCM inline measurement, coating homogeneity is monitored sheet after  sheet. This ensures that potential coater problems are detected immediately, allowing direct countermeasures by the operator. Result: yield increase and better insight into weak links in your production chain.

Architectual Glass and Precision Optics

Do you want to bring your coating processes to perfection? ETA systems will give you detailed insight into the quality of anti-reflective coatings, full- as well as semi-reflectors and filters. A variety of systems for reflectance and transmittance measurements are available for inline and offline use.

ETA Systems  

  • Are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications! 
  • Offer you the speed, stability and accuracy needed for reliable inline process monitoring! 
  • Help you to boost your production efficiency! 
  • Save raw materials! 
  • Are industry-proven and widely used by trend-setting companies! 
  • Come with excellent support!




For inline / offline spectral measuring for coatings on foils / WEB and on large sizes glasses


For inline / offline control of thin film solar cells


For inline / offline monitoring of reflectance and thickness


Fast and precise measuring system for ophthalmic Anti-Reflection and hard coatings