Thin Film Competencies

Spectral Offline and Inline Measuring Systems, for thin film characterization in a wide layer thickness range, including coatings on foils/WEB, on large size glasses, on curved surfaces and including microscopic measurements.
Effective quality assurance is the key to achieving high quality while ensuring cost-effective production. This is especially true in industries that utilize thin films and coatings, where variations in coating thickness or uniformity can lead not only to product quality failure, but also to increased cost through ineffective use of raw materials.

Process knowledge through speed and sampling

ETA spectral measurement systems are produced according to our very high standards. Each individual spectrometer is calibrated using traceable standard lamps for spectral calibration. All emitted atomic lines must be precisely reproduced by every single spectrometer. Photometric accuracy for reflectance, transmittance and absorbance measurements is given by using a variety of traceable reference standards such as silicon, precision glass and optical filters.
Accuracy and measurement stability are equally important. Our systems are designed to operate in both static and dynamic environments. For inline applications, this is critical. High measurement speed and high tolerance of sample position-variation (e.g. tilt and height) are ideal for demanding process monitoring. We supply the measurement excellence needed for true quality assurance. Fast measurements and stable optical geometries guarantee accurate, comprehensive process feedback. The mainstream ETA spectral measurement products presented here are the ETA-SST and ETA-CSS for laboratory applications, and the ETA-TCM for comprehensive inline quality assurance. Together, or separately, they provide developers and manufacturers with comprehensive measurement tools for a range of applications:


For inline / offline spectral measuring for coatings on foils / WEB and on large sizes glasses


For inline / offline control of thicknesses and material properties of thin film layer stacks


For  inline / offline monitoring of reflectance and thickness


Fast and precise measuring system for ophthalmic Anti-Reflection and hard coatings