HELios Scan-tex

Offline Texturization Control for Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells

For wafer based solar cells the texturization is a very important wet-chemical production step to ensure highest solar cell efficiencies. Especially for mono-crystalline solar cells, the pyramid structure due to the texturization process must be homogenous and well defined. Process parameters like time, temperature and etch concentration have a strong influence on the pyramid dimensions and density. Standard test procedures like reflectivity measurements or microscope pictures just give a rough idea about the texturization quality. A detailed knowledge about the pyramid structures as well as the pyramid dimensions on the wafer is essential for optimizing and ensuring highest quality texturization.

Measurement of Pyramid Properties

NXT offers unique equipment to measure the pyramid dimensions and distribution on mono-crystalline textured solar wafers. The system is available in 3 different offline setups!

Highlights of Helios SCAN-tex

Measurement of MC-Texture Properties
  • Pyramid Density
  • Average Pyramid Height
  • Pyramid Height Distribution
  • Pyramid Angle
Works for production and R&D!
  • contactless and non-destructive
  • static and dynamic measurement
  • very fast (


Helios SCAN-tex



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