Process control and quality, with non-destructive sampling  

The only truly effective way to meet quality goals and achieve cost effective production is to apply comprehensive non-destructive testing.

NXT offers a unique contactless measurement instrument that can quickly and accurately measures spectral reflectance and color appearance of anti-reflective (AR) coatings, or coating layer thickness of hard coatings and varnishes on transparent and translucent curved surfaces.

The ETA-ARC-AT is the best tool for the job, because:

  • It successfully suppresses rear-side surface reflection, which eliminates the need to roughen or blacken the sample. This means that tested products can also be sold.
  • Fast measurement of spectral reflectance, and evaluation of layer thickness and colorimetric data, enables larger QA samplings to be made – 100% if so desired.
  • Comprehensive measurement documentation supports traceability and repeatability, making continuous process improvement possible.


The ETA-ARC-AT system consists of a spectrometer for the visible spectral range, a light source, and a unique proprietary sensing head. Light source and spectrometer are integrated in a desktop housing, and connected to the sensing head via optical fiber and electronics cables.

Integrated focus and tilt sensors respectively achieve the best possible photometric accuracy and repeatability, and ensure that reflected light always enters the detector aperture correctly, regardless of the curvature of the measured object.

The result of nearly two decades of spectrometer development and testing, followed by use in high-precision production environments, the instrument carefully records the reflectance spectra. Interpretation is then performed by a sophisticated software, which includes tools for calibration, data acquisition, and data evaluation. All acquired and evaluated data can be stored for documentation or exported to other applications.











For inline / offline spectral measuring for coatings on foils / WEB and on large sizes glasses


For inline / offline control of thin film solar cells


For inline / offline monitoring of reflectance and thickness