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The Science
of Industrial Measurement

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Defining Industrial Measurement

Our team of physicists and engineers specializes in designing and implementing spectrometric measurement solutions that are as varied and precise as the companies and industries we serve.

Where most competitive products force users to adapt their needs to the technology, we develop customized, vertically integrated offline and inline thin film, non-destructive measurement solutions to inform research and development, ensure quality and improve process control.

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Every measurement system from NXT is built on a core platform housing proprietary spectrometric technology configurations, all-in-one measurement algorithms and over 25 years of industry know-how.

All of our systems combine speed, precision measurement and easy operation to optimize processes, increase reliability and ensure better quality and the shortest line downtimes possible.



Through our innovative housing platform, every NXT system can be customized in manual (LAB) or automated (SCAN) configurations to fit the needs of the system within a single body type.

Our unique approach leverages all-in-one hardware and software components that are designed to be forward compatible and adaptable to updates and reconfigurations allowing for flexibility of use without the need for investments in costly additional equipment.



  • Easy to use – true plug and play solution with no extra equipment needed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Upgradeable hardware and software based on measurement needs
  • Increased reliability with better delivery times
  • Manual or fully automated, component driven configurations
  • Collaborative systems designed for safety in open operating environments


Our Clients Include:

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